What SaaS Development Involves and How to Build a SaaS

SaaS applications allow you to easily change your system as your needs change. With traditional software, you have to wait for the developer to release an update, which can take months. With SaaS, making tweaks becomes easier since the development process runs in the cloud.

The cost of a SaaS application varies depending on your team location. For example, hiring from the US could cost you $120,000 per app, while moving the process to Eastern Europe could lower the costs to anywhere from $35,000. Fortunately, SaaS design best practices don’t differ much from the ones to design a traditional solution.

The challenge here is that integration can be challenging, as technical requirements are very complex. Now that you understand the developmental steps needed to create a Software-as-a-Service solution. Founders usually don’t think about it, but you need to attract potential users at the idea validation stage. However, a popular mistake that most tech entrepreneurs make in this phase is not having a budget for maintenance. The crux of the activity is executed by the DevOps engineer – a team member with expertise in guiding software through its launch phase.

If your product can help your customer succeed in their business, it will ultimately contribute to your goal acquisition. Once you have chalked out your goals, objectives, and cost, you will plan and prioritize the features as per their importance to your business. You must know your business first, whether it is even suitable for your cause. The next step is to evaluate the performance of SaaS with your product.

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When the first version of the app goes live, we raise our glasses with you. Together, we work on extending the functionality of your SaaS application, refining the product’s design, optimizing performance, and fixing bugs. The working application requires constant customer support and technical improvements that we are ready to provide. The Clockwise Software team includes engineers with expertise in multi-tenant architecture and SaaS development services. We know the software-as-a-service app delivery model inside out and are ready to tackle even the most sophisticated tasks.

saas software development

Get in touch with our team to discuss your SaaS project and learn more about the next steps to launching cooperation. A project management office experienced in successful delivery of mid- and large-scale SaaS projects. In IT since 1989, ScienceSoft is fully equipped to deliver new complex SaaS that is reliable, secure and loved by users.

But it is vitally important to not rush into anything before you conduct the proper research. This means not only into the technology itself but also into your potential competition. The application vendor does not have to expend resources updating and maintaining backdated software versions because there is only one version. Microsoft referred to SaaS as “software plus services” for a few years.

As soon as we approve the concept with our client and complete the strategic planning stage, we start working on the architecture design. Companies offer short free or discounted trial periods for users to investigate an app’s capabilities before making a decision. Customers can choose a suitable subscription plan with the required set of features.

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This is a very straightforward situation, where you make a job offering to the public, get prospective developers, test their knowledge, and make your choice. Before integrating a third-party solution to a Software-as-a-Service, you should budget a fee for API maintenance. The team has to follow the stipulations of these protocols right from the start of development.

saas software development

The agile process adopted by us results productively with a money and time tradeoff. It is a job for a person who tests the SaaS software for defects, bugs, and issues and reports them to be fixed by the team. It is a job position that works on the client side, transforming the design into code using Javascript or any other language to create frameworks. A person who is responsible for managing all tasks on the server side of the SaaS app is a Backed Developer. He/She is responsible for ensuring the app functions as planned using scripting languages.

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Integration of tools like cloud integrations, third-party payment integrations, will help you provide a better product experience. But here we recommend leveraging SaaS consulting since any mistake in the integration process can make your product vulnerable due to security issues, poor performance, difficult communication, etc. Also, our engineers have ensured high-security standards for Fluke SaaS applications.

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How to Choose a SaaS Development Company.

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The SaaS model allows relatively simple and fast integration of additional protocols. However, a SaaS platform like Google Docs allows you to write long-form texts without hardware requirements. Risk assessment and management strategies and disaster recovery plans. Disaster management activities should be standardized, documented, and automated.

If you go for a freelancer, you can hire one flexibly for a patch code for your software or hire one on a need basis. Freelancers tend to charge less for independent services and often offer singular services separately. However, when developing a full-fledged SaaS platform having a consultancy https://globalcloudteam.com/ or agency to see through the process seems more promising. After deployment, specific issues need to be addressed, with changes made continuously as per customer feedback. The application is thus updated, improved, and optimized for better use with maintenance and support.

Ending thoughts on SaaS development

Scaling infrastructure will require additional financial resources, and eventually specialists may have to think about a migration strategy. When creating the architectural vision, it’s important to take into account a number of things that are usually implemented at further stages. In the future, this will help you not only in developing the application but also in testing it, releasing it, and updating it with little effort and few issues. This model should include all billing operations supported inside the platform, i.e. subscription models, transaction fees, purchases, custom pricing, and trial periods.

saas software development

Some of these are direct SaaS developmental costs for your project, while others are indirect expenses to complete the development. It could take 2-10 months from the early stages of planning to the product launch. But this depends on multiple factors, such as the complexity of your app, its scale, tech stack, and the number of developers on your team. To overcome this challenge, embrace a customer-oriented path from the very beginning, research the customers’ requirements and listen to their expectations. Pay special attention to your future product conceptualizing before getting started with programming itself.

Benefit 1. SaaS Is Easy to Deploy

In other words, vertical SaaS companies serve different needs of the same structure, such as retail, banking, healthcare, or hospitality. This model takes a more conservative approach to sales than the horizontal counterparts. At the first meeting, you will immediately understand who is in front of you – a professional or a beginner. A good development team will immediately show interest in conducting a detailed examination of your product to create the perfect software. Save money and provide additional convenience – a one-way upgrade. The service provider implements it himself, and customers always use the latest version of the software.

  • Your developers should know how to handle any integrations or SaaS connectors you require.
  • We suggest the right features to create a fully-functional product.
  • This should be an integral part of your SaaS product development strategy.
  • Strong data security since ScienceSoft has 19 years in cybersecurity services and maintains ISO certification.
  • They should pay a lot of attention and time to data encryption, excluding the possibility of phishing attacks on system users.

It could be even more challenging if you have data from across different jurisdictions. Moreover, if you sell your product internationally, you will be expected to comply with all of the different regulations across countries. Users don’t have to worry about system requirements, which could incur additional expenditures if the software requires high-end workstations.

Tip 3. Successful SaaS built

Starting in that decade, IBM and other mainframe computer providers conducted a service bureau business, often referred to as time-sharing or utility computing. Such services included offering computing power and database storage to banks and other large organizations from their worldwide data centers. Development is the most time-consuming stage, but it is impossible to proceed to it until the previous ones are completed. At this stage, the development environment is set up, testing is carried out, functionality and security policy are added.

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Your product’s functionality should also differ according to a customer’s chosen subscription plan. To make this happen, we carefully choose infrastructure providers, build the SaaS application architecture, and ensure the app’s security, stability, and scalability. The ready-to-use product saves money, as the users can pay the subscription fee for enjoying the functionalities. While applications can implement cloud storage, companies or enterprises can now transfer the information quickly with SaaS Products. They are more secure than the traditional on-premise hosted software. Alongside top companies, even the startups are proactive in adopting the cloud-based SaaS products.


Depending on what you need, you should make the choice of a SaaS vendor. All-time availability to the app is what the user wants and needs in our era when leveraging the product. Ensure your development team keeps a zero-downtime strategy onboard so that when the new version is released, the system be fully accessible to the user. This way, the service is fully responsive and stays available all the time. SaaS development brings a wide array of benefits, including accessibility, lowering costs, easy distribution, and more.

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