State Employment Law Considerations

Remote work conditions shall be inserted in an amendment to the employment agreement. Technology and access to information have brought some teams and people closer together, but they have also necessitated investment in remote working training to prevent the loss of connection, work/life balance, and business development. Thriving partners see the efficiency gains, utilize the tools available to them, and embrace the flexibility. Struggling partners have had difficulty interacting, managing, training, and collaborating, which leads to less efficiency and less productivity. When reading between the lines, those who were more proactive, organized, and deliberate about collaboration thrived. However, those who were more reactive, or in the moment, relying on being in the same office, struggled. Another topic of discussion centered on how successful firms managed their talent pools during the last year and the best ways to manage them going forward.

Attendees talked about intentionally pairing younger lawyers with more senior lawyers—putting scheduled check-ins on their calendars rather than leaving it up to the lawyers to schedule—especially during the pandemic. Collaboration could no longer be assumed, but it’s also something that firms have increasingly decided to embrace and employ to keep lawyers happy. Data from Sharplegal, Stellar Performance, and Peer Monitor show that clients focused on cost and efficiency as areas of improvement for firms. Yes, they want more responsive service, but consistency and understanding the business of their clients are becoming more and more important. In fact, when it comes to delivering value, business understanding becomes the most important, followed by efficiency and cost-consciousness. Cities need to be aware of similar requirements for any states where they have employees working.

Does an Employer have to Pay Overtime after 40 Hours?

The Equal Pay Act , which requires that you provide equal pay and benefits to men and women who do the same or equivalent work. Our affordable, valuable, and comprehensive services empower you to take full advantage of the law. Employers should assess if employment accommodations need to be considered to allow employees to work effectively. Any employment policy should uss express com review be applied uniformly to avoid claims of employment discrimination. Be available to come into the office if a business need arises, for team collaboration opportunities or if workflow requires. Lockton may not be considered your legal counsel, and communications with attorneys in Lockton’s Global Benefits practice are not privileged under the attorney-client privilege.

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The event was hosted by Thomson Reuters Acritas, a market analysis, research, and advisory services business, that delivers market insights and thought leadership that benefits law firm clients. These laws likely extend to expenses such as home internet and cell phone plans.

Managing law firm talent in a remote work environment

By allowing your employees to work remotely, you are potentially opening up your company to be sued in foreign jurisdictions where your company’s employees are working. In times of both prosperity and crisis, we help businesses and individuals achieve their goals and navigate complex legal issues. Request supervisor approval to use paid time off in the same manner as when working at employee’s regular work location. Designate a safe and secure remote workplace to perform their duties while working remotely from home that is quiet and distraction-free. Remote work is a more flexible option that allows employees to work from any location of the employee’s choosing and according to their own schedule. Remote work arrangements should be established in writing unless emergency circumstances preventing it .

  • It is now defined as the work performed outside the premises of the employer.
  • The written agreement may result from an individual agreement with an employee, from a collective bargaining agreement or a company agreement.
  • Cities also must comply with applicable state laws, which may have different eligibility criteria or payment provisions.
  • This abrupt worldwide shift to remote work sparked new logistical and structural legal challenges that warranted many countries to pass teleworking legislation, some of which is summarized in this article.

Failure to comply with the right to disconnect may constitute labor harassment. Employers must therefore update their work from home internal policies accordingly.

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