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They are still ignoring us now and it’s been 2 months. We are only a small business and £2k is a lot of stock to lose. U have never seen such worst cargo co in life. We got three gensets from Odhissa to Srinagar which were delivered totally damaged.

  • Aside from the difficulty with receiving packages, there’s aesthetics to consider.
  • I was extremely delighted with the service I received.
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  • It’s also easy to tell that the top of the box is a lid you open to leave and retrieve packages, something that’s not as obvious with the Keter, above.
  • As boxes go, all the ones I selected were designed well.
  • If you think you can get your delivery drivers and your significant other onboard, I would go for the simplest model you can get.

Thanks for sharing your feedback on your Remote experience to date – this is much appreciated. Remote is a new revolutionary leader in the job market. They let their employee work asynchronously, offer flexible working hours and promote kindness, ownership, excellence, transparency and ambition in their culture. I have started a dispute with my bank as it looks the only way to get a refund. Make sure to pay using PayPal if you decide to go for it. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

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No collection at 4.20 so phoned but all busy so went on live chat- Still on chat and being told collection will be today but maybe as late as 8pm. Hope it will be collected but two full days staying in awaiting collection. What annoys me is that I uss express review did not realise this was a third party and thought my booking was direct with UPS. Given my experience, I think package boxes may be a worthwhile solution only if you live in an area where your delivery driver for each carrier is the same person.

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But lifting the lid up reveals a large compartment for couriers to deposit packages. The packages then fall into a compartment below that can be secured with a padlock . The box can’t be bolted to the ground, but it has another compartment in the bottom that can be filled with sand to weigh it down.

There are a few problems with this system, though. First, the box doesn’t have sensors that can tell whether a package was actually placed inside. That means if someone mistakenly opens it, it will lock until you manually unlock it again. The benefit of this design is that it allows the box to be much smaller than its competitors, so it’s a bit, shall we say, quieter on your home’s exterior. It’s also easy to tell that the top of the box is a lid you open to leave and retrieve packages, something that’s not as obvious with the Keter, above. The Yale Smart Delivery Box differs from the others in that it doesn’t have two separate doors for depositing and retrieving packages.

I booked a delivery on 26th October

I was also told that the next day delivery was never possible and shouldn’t of been offered. This left me in a situation where I wasn’t going to make my deadline so I looked for an alternative solution and cancelled the booking. I ordered something online , got the message from delhivery regarding the shipment. Despite repeatedly asking the delhivery executive not to deliver it as i wasn’t home to receive the parcel , he was hell bent on giving the parcel that day only. He apparently handed it over to somebody and told me he gave it to the guard.

The CSR is very responsive and attentive to all my questions and concern, what I love the most is the quick response to every questions/concern that I ask. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. This experience was totally unacceptable. I really would like an explanation and proper apology. The system is designed so that no one in the end of responsible.

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41% of employees would recommend working at to a friend and 41% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has decreased by -7% over the last 12 months. In this uss express delivery job review, we will try to explore all the advantages and disadvantages of being a part of this logistics agency. Here is the table comparing all pros uss express review and cons we’ve found on platforms where every worker can write his or her remote work review. It’s big, bulky, and available only in dark brown, so if the exterior of your home is not a neutral or dark color, expect it to stand out. It’s not obvious that the top of the box is a hinged lid, which might explain why my delivery drivers barely used the box.

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I attempted to contact the company to find out what happened and request a refund, but I never heard back. Ultimately, I had to dispute the purchase with my credit card company to receive a refund. After almost 3 months now I can say that they are fully meeting our expectations and we are super happy with them. Our CSM is the most approachable, quick, and reliable I have ever worked with. Remote provided us with lot of guidance on the transfer process, content, and handbooks and made it very smooth for us. I am employed at my company via Remote for 11 months already. I like Remote platform because it’s very easy to use and intuitive.

The Danby Parcel Guard is the technological opposite of the Keter. It’s a smart package delivery box that connects to your smartphone and pulls double duty as a security camera, but frankly, it feels too complex for its own good.

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I have seen the company decline steadily due to some bad actors. As said previously, some great people go through there but get burnt out very quickly.

My advice to you, dear reader, is to make sure your significant other is onboard with the idea of using a package delivery box before you buy one. I contacted MPD to help me ship a pallet to Norway. When I initially contacted them I asked a price and asked how long it would take. I was told by Andrew that it would be next day and he gave me a price.

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