Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion review

Considering that we’re only one-third of the way through the current remake experiment, the new version of Crisis Core is particularly well-timed. Forex brokers It feels like less of a decade-late retcon in 2022 and more of a natural interlude in a story that’s unfolding over multiple releases.

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Without a doubt, Final Fantasy VII is the biggest and most beloved game in Square Enix’s historic JRPG franchise. Infamously lauded as “quite possibly the greatest video game of all time” back in 1997, FFVII has spawned plenty of spin-off games, a movie, and gave birth to one of the most anticipated modern remakes we’ve seen in the last decade. Most of the aforementioned spin-off games feel like shameless cash grabs perhaps, but we shouldn’t forget that little gem on the PSP from 2007 that helped reframe the entire epic saga. There is a lot to say about the story of Crisis Core, but it’s one of the things that’s better experienced rather than talked about.

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To Final Fantasy 7 fans, specifically, I have to say that Reunion is an absolute must play, especially given that nobody knows where this is all heading. We interrupt this Final Fantasy 7 Remake storyline to briefly explore the life and times of SOLDIER 1st Class Zack Fair. To understand why that matters, you need to know Zack’s original story. That’s exactly what this version of Crisis Core provides, which makes it a fundamental success regardless of its ultimate ambitions. The biggest problem with the original Crisis Core’s battle system was the Digital Mind Wave, which is essentially a slot machine constantly running in the background of each fight.

Finam review

Since then, Final Fantasy VII has become one of the most influential games in history, spawning spinoffs, animated movies and fan fiction. fi nam The game has been rereleased at least half a dozen times on every major gaming platform, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.


You’ll often need to switch the character you’re controlling directly too, since each one feels like a specific tool for a certain job. Barrett can more easily shoot down flying enemies, Cloud can quickly increase stagger, Tifa can lay massive burst damage on exposed enemies, Forex brokers and Aerith can send out big healing or magic damage as needed. Swapping between them sort of feels more like switching weapons than people in the heat of things, especially if you need to jump onto another character to more quickly charge their ATB for a specific move.

Additionally, you can add items during fusion that, when equipped on Zack, alter his stats. I spent a lot of time managing and fusing my materia while playing Crisis Core Reunion, and despite being someone who doesn’t necessarily love crafting, I enjoyed every minute of it. In Crisis Core Reunion, the emotional impact of all these events is amplified thanks to the entire game now having full voice acting. While some voices might take getting used to, as they differ from the original Crisis Core’s performances, the new voice actors do a fantastic job in making the story more engaging than ever before. On that note, I was delighted to hear several of the series’ new voice actors lend their talents to the characters who appear in Crisis Core Reunion, including Tifa, Aerith, Tseng, Reno, Rude, and several others.

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This is all a part of Square Enix’s push to make Crisis Core more cohesive with Final Fantasy VII Remake, which it ultimately does with gusto. Like Remake, Reunion is a third-person, real-time action RPG with randomized encounters. Players utilize a mixture of swordplay with classic Final Fantasy magic spells and special abilities. The controls for Reunion are slightly friendlier than Remake, as there are dedicated buttons for Zack’s sword, items, and dodges. Zack can improve his abilities over time, but he can also find new materia and level it up as he goes. One of the cooler features was the Materia Fusion menu, which allowed me to create powerful combinations like Dark Thundaga or Hell Blizzaga and even bolster it by tossing in a few items.

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That means you can seamlessly roll into what is basically a “New Game+,” or just finish up things you may have skipped past. I plan on diving back in to tie up some loose ends and throw some more darts, partially because of just how easy Square Enix has made it.

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Sure, it’s a fun fight, and he’s a cool character, but his inclusion is so irrelevant to the plot that he stands out like a sore thumb. I completed nearly all of the side quests, but more felt forced to do so out of a sense of obligation rather than amusement. Most of the time I was on one I couldn’t wait to get back on track. Upgrades cause a weapon’s strengths and weaknesses to become magnified over time, giving them different roles depending on how you want a character to play. Cloud’s signature Buster Sword offers well-rounded damage, but his Iron Blade can sacrifice that for defense.

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